Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive

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Rangkuman Materi Narrative

Umumnya, teks yang berbentuk narrative merupakan kisah fiksi. Sejak kecil, kita sudah mengenal tokoh kancil dan sang petani, Malin Kundang, atau legenda Danau Toba. Dari negeri Barat, kita mengenal putri Cinderella, putri Anastasia, dan lain-lain. Semua contoh tersebut dikategorikan ke dalam bentuk naratif.

Secara garis besar, struktur narrative terdiri atas.
  1. Orientation, yaitu 3 W (who, when, dan where). Siapa tokoh cerita, kapan terjadi, dan di mana tempat cerita berlangsung.
  2. Evaluation, menilai 3 W bagaimana/seperti apa tokoh tersebut, bagaimana tempat tersebut, dan kondisi pada waktu tersebut.
  3. Complication, yakni mengetengahkan permasalahan yang dihadapi tokoh cerita.
  4. Reorientation, yakni menggambarkan kondisi dan keadaan setelah tahap penyelesaian.

Contoh Teks Narrative and Recount

Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive


Long ago on the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, there lived a dragon. He owned a large and beautiful pearl. People believed that he controlled the weather with it.


When they in Borneo, they set out immediately to find the famous mountain. Their journey up the rugged slopes of Mound Kinabalu proved very difficult. The dragon guarded his cave fiercely and killed many of the soldiers.
Then Wee San had a clever idea. He climbed a tall tree, so he could see dragon's cave. He noted the time the dragon left the cave to hunt for food and what time he returned to it.


Later, he ordered his men ti make a fake pearl and large kite. He wainted until the dragon left the cave. Then he placed the fake pearl in a bag, slung it across his shoulder and flew up to the mountain top om the kite. He exchanged the real pearl for the fake one then his brother pulled his kite back to ground.


The brothers quickly returned to their and set sail for China. They sailed safely home. The emperor was thrilled with the pearl and gave a big party to celebrate his sons' return.

Rangkuman Materi Recount

Recount adalah struktur teks yang berfungsi untuk menceritakan kejadian pengalaman yang terjadi pada waktu lampau.

Strukturnya sebagai berikut.
  1. Orientation, 3 W (who, when, where)
  2. Event, yaitu kejadian
  3. Event, yaitu kejadian, dan seterusnya.
Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive

Contoh Teks Recount


It was 5 pm in the afternoon. I drove my car to go home. I was pleased of scenery on the roadside. Rice field was on the left and rigt side of the road. It was my last day off.


But suddenly, I got shocked a moment. There was a car overtaking my car. It ran exceeding speed limit. Also, the driver didn't obey the traffic sign. It read that the road was two lanes. The car was moving very fast.


At the same time, there was a truck running fast ahead from reverse way. No space avaiblable. In fact, the road was narrow. The truck avoided hitting the car. The truck's driver threw his vehicle to the edge of the road. A collision didn't happen but the truck plunged into rice field. I stopped driving, and so did car with the careless driver. We together scampered across the road to help the truck's driver. It was lucky, he was alright, and no one was injured.

Rangkuman Materi Teks Report

Report berfungsi menerangkan dan menggambarkan sesuatu yang masih bersifat umum (general). Contohnya adalah mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri ikan paus, hutan tropis, atau hewan mamalia.

Struktur Text Report

Adapun struktur text report adalah sebagai berikut.

1. General classification, yaitu klasifikasi benda atau tokoh yang akan dideskripsikan.
2. Descriptions, yaitu memaparkan ciri-ciri fisik dan lainnya.

Contoh Text Report

Berikut ini adalah contoh text report lengkap dengan struktur teksnya dalam pembelajaran bahasa Indonesia.

Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive

Shark, the Scavenger in Ocean

General classification

Shark belong to Chondrichthyes, the class of living fish, charaterized by a cartilagionous skeleton.


Sharks are a kind of fish which is versatile, fast swimming, and have keen sense. Many species of shark of shark are able to hunt and eat nearly all the larger marine animals in both shallow and deep seas. Sharks have great diversity in behaviour and size. The whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, measuring up to 15 m in length and weigh more than 18 tons. The smallest ones are cookie-cutter sharks. The measure less than 50 cm in lenght. Sharks are best known as aggressive carnivores that even attack members of their own species.

Most sharks are grey in colour. Small and sharp scales vover throughout their skins. The tail is asymmetrical. Many species have general rows of sharp teetch. The fins and tails of sharks are rigid and not straight up.

Sharks do not have swim bladders (internal air floats). When they are not moving, they sink. Sharks are mostly scavengers, eating injured fish, carrion, rubbish and other waste from ships, They also feed animals such as seals, turtles, birds, whales, crabs, and a wide range of fishes. Some sharks also prey on smaller sharks. The great white sharks are the largest of the strictly carnivorous sharks. The live mostly in trocpical and temperate oceans and seas worldwide.

Sharks have an acute sense of smell. They can detect the presence in the water of small quantities of things such as blood. Soon, they trace them to their source. Vision, although less acute, allows the sharks to catch dim movements of shadow and light in dark waters as it approaches its prey. Sharks are sensitive to sounds of low frequency. They also have fine directional hearing.

The most dangerous sharks to humans are the great white shark, the hammerhead shark, the tiger shark, and the blue shark.
Rangkuman Materi Text Descriptive
Fungsi teks ini adalah menggambarkan ciri-ciri benda atau orang yang sudah khusus, spesifik, dan tidak ada duanya.

Struktur Text Descriptive

Berikut ini adalah struktur dari text descriptive. Adapun struktur dari text descriptive adalah sebagai berikut.

1. Identification, yaitu mengategorikan benda/orang yang akan digambarkan.
2. Descriptions, yaitu menceritakan ciri-ciri benda/orang/tempat yang dideskripsikan.

Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive

Contoh Text  Descriptive

Antarctica, the Coldest Continent


Antarctica is the fifth-largest of the Earth's seven continents. It is located almost entirely South of latitude 66⁰33' South (the Antarctic Circle). It surrounds the South pole.


Antarctica has mostly circular in shape with a long arm. That's why it is called the Antarctic Peninsula. Its total area is about 14.2 million sq km in summer. During the winter Antarctica doubless doubles in size because of the large amount of sea ice.

Antarctica has no native population. Its residents are scientific and support staff who usually stay no more than a year at a time. The first person born in Antarctica was Emilio Palma, the son of the commander of Argentina's Esperanza Base. He was born on January 7, 1978.

Antarctica is the coldest continent. The lowest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth as -88.3⁰ C. It occured on Agust 24, 1960 at Vostok Station. The continent is also buffed by heavy winds. In the interior, wind speed can reach as high as 320 km/h. These winds flow down slope from the interior towards the coast.

More than 95 percent are of Antarctica is covered by ice. It also contains about 90 per cent of the world's fresh water. Because of this thick ice cover, it is the highest of all continents. Its average elevation is about 2.300 m. The highest point on the continent is Vinson Massif (5,140 m). The lowest point appears to be the Bentley Sub glacial Trench (2,499 m below sea level) in West Antarctica.

Rangkuman Materi Text Procedure

Procedure adalah genre atau bentuk teks yang menjawab how (bagaimana) cara melakukan sesuatu atau membuat sesuatu dalam langkah-langkah yang berurutan.

Struktur Text Procedure

Berikut ini adalah struktur teks procedure dalam bahasa Inggris. Adapun struktur text procedure tersebut adalah sebagai berikut.

1. Goal, yaitu tujuan apa?
2. Materials, yaitu alat dan bahan yang dibutuhkan
3. Steps, yaitu langkah-langkah 1, 2, 3, ....

Rangkuman Materi Text Narrative, Recount, Report, dan Descriptive

Contoh Text Procedure

Making Kombucha Tea
Materials needed:

1. 2 tablespoon of tea
2. 20 grams of sugar
3. A liter of water
4. Kombucha culture

Utensils needed:

1. Stove
2. Glass jar
3. Bottle
4. Fine mesh cloth

Steps to make kombucha tea:
  1. Brew a liter of tea using 2 tablespoon of tea per liter. Let it steep for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Strain the tea or tea bags out of the tea.
  3. Add 30 grams of sugar while the tea is still warm, and stir to dissolve.
  4. Let your tea cool down to room temperature, no warmer than 27⁰ C. Pour it into a glass jar. 
  5. Add the kombucha culture to the tea.
  6. Cover the jar with a fine-mesh cloth or paper towel. Secure it with a rubber band.
  7. Keep your culture in a warm place, with no direct sunlight.
  8. Let the fermentation process go on for 8-12 days.
  9. When the tea is acid, it is ready to go.
  10. Pour your completed kombucha tea into bottles.
  11. Let it sit for 4-5 days, to finish maturing. Store in a cool place.
  12. Your kombucha tea is now ready to drink.